In 2013, among the 10 psychotropic medications that the Oklahoma Department of Corrections spent the most money on, seven were antipsychotics and three were antidepressants. This counts different dosages of each drug separately. More than 70 percent of the cost among the 10 drugs was for antipsychotics.
Chlorpromazine HCL 100 mg tabs (Thorazine) Typical antipsychotic $122,892
Chlorpromazine HCL 200 mg tabs (Thorazine)
Typical antipsychotic $111,734
Bupropion HCL 100 mg tabs (Wellbutrin) Depression - 2nd gen $88,675
Perphenazine 8 mg tabs (Trilaflon) Typical antipsychotic $73,203
Haloperidol Dec (1ml) 100 mg/ml inj (Haldol) Typical antipsychotic $71,365
Bupropion HCL 75 mg tabs (Wellbutrin) Depression - 2nd gen $66,442
Perphenazine 4 mg tabs (Trilafon) Typical antipsychotic $63,734
Doxepin HCL 100 mg caps (Sinequan) Depression - 1st gen $52,201
Ziprasidone HCL 80 mg caps (Geodon) Atypical antipsychotic $51,867
Ziprasidone HCL 40 mg caps (Geodon) Atypical antipsychotic $34,450

Source: Oklahoma Department of Corrections